Friday, August 8, 2014

Heart Exploding

*Pretty much every photo in this post makes my heart explode.

Hi there!

How are ya? 

These two photos are from months ago, and so are a lot of the memories in this post.
I'm keeping the promise I made to myself, to get all caught up on here by the end of summer, so I can start fresh, and present, when the fall arrives.

I'm also keeping the promise I made to myself last night - that if I didn't wash my hair then,
I'd do it in the morning.

I got a new 'do on Wednesday night!  I was feeling brave.
It feels so good and light.

Okay, so I promised myself not tons of rambling in this post...(Yeah, right!)

Before we get to the past, here are a "few" photos from this week.

Mornings, Piper and I love to hang out on the deck in our pajamas.  I sip my coffee, she tries to sip my coffee, we play with her water table, and take in some fresh air.

Fishy overboard!!

She's been bustin' out the dance moves lately.

And trying to break into the wine fridge! (not for another 50 years, Pips!)

If she's in the kitchen, I can almost bet I'm going to find her in the recycle basket.
(Usually grinning and "smising" - smiling with her eyes!)

"Wahoo, we're at the grocery store!  And in the ice cream aisle!"

My friend, Kelly, and her babes came over on Thursday! 
We celebrated Kelly's 6th birthday!
Doesn't 6 look great on her?!
(It was the first candle I could find!)

The kids were so cute playing together.  It felt so good to truly catch up!

Piper decided Kelly's toes were perfect for dessert.

We were laughing so hard our stomachs hurt.


That night, Daddy had a little help on the grill!

I know it's not even ten in the morning, but this all looks so good right now!

Dee Dee and Uncle Nicholas joined us for dinner. 
It was a nice night together.

Piper played a game where Deeds had to put her sunglasses on for her.
Then she'd run to whoever Dee Dee told her to, giggle and smile and run back to get her glasses readjusted.

S'mores on the grill.
We've been wanting to do this all summer.
I've had a Target bag of these guys sitting behind the kitchen cabinets for a long time!

Steve did an awesome job!
Pips gave 'em two thumbs up (and a snoot)!

A Pippy and Dee Dee playing, and a Daddy and Uncle Nicholas playing race car games - happy heart.

Poor little Pips has had diaper rash the past few days.  She's never had it like this - where it actually bothers her when we change her diaper.
She is getting her two year molars.  Yes, two year molars.  She's some kind of tooth monster.
I've read that the excessive saliva can cause lots of poopies, and THAT, she's been havin'.

So Thursday night, after many poos, her poor little tush was so sore.  Deeds and I put her in the tub, to try to help ease the pain.  Piper alternated cries of  "Mamama" and "DeeDeeDee" while she gave us hugs, and Mama and Dee Dee melted and may have had tears in their eyes.

Thankfully, her tushee is looking much better this morning, and she isn't too bothered by us changing her.  We just called the doctor and they said, with all those teeth comin' in, it's totally normal for her to be a poopie queen.

Goodnight, Pippy!

Good morning, Friday!
She wore her rockin' pj pants just for Uncle Nicholas!

Like I said, always in the recycle bin.
(cradling an empty coffee creamer container)

Thanks for the adorable outfit, GiGi!! 
Love it!

Piper had a blast at Dee Dee's yesterday afternoon/early evening, while Mommy got all her cleaning done. 
She took some important calls.

And Dee Dee took her on a stroll and out for a Munchkin.
The looks on her face say it all.

Stealin' Deeds' flips.

Her favorite - going into Dee Dee's cabinets and emptying them...climbing in, and taking out every piece of Tupperware.

And now for some sweet memories from the past months.

Mother's Day

I'm so thankful for the woman on the left.
And so thankful for the little girl on the right.

It is such a blessing to have an amazing mother, and to be a mother.

It was a nice, relaxing, low-key day.  Just like we all wanted it to be.
Steve and Piper surprised me with cards and gifts when I came downstairs from having a cup of coffee they made for me.  Dee Dee and Uncle Nicholas came over for a smorgasbord of awesome-ness and lots of dessert (Pippy-approved)!  Deeds had gifts for everyone, because it was also "Pippy's Day" and "Daddy's Day" and "Uncle Nicholas' Day!"
We played outside.  I rolled in the grass with Piper and cut up my back.  It was well worth it.
I am grateful every single day to be her mother.


On the last day of May, we went to a Yankees Game in NY.
Piper and I surprised Steve with tickets for his birthday (I'll include those pictures in another post).

I don't know too much about baseball, and I may zone out like crazy at games, but this game...
oh, this game was incredible to watch.
I think Steve and I had our eyes on Piper more than any bat, ball or player.
Steve has said for years, how badly he couldn't wait to take his child to a game.
And when it became a reality...
It was more than special.
I cry at some of these photos.
Especially the one of Steve and Piper watching the game so intently.
They didn't even notice me taking the picture from below them (we had empty seats behind us, that were great when you needed less sun).

People watching, cotton candy, clapping, singing, taking it all in with our friends, and their was all beautiful!




Mr. Aiden came home with us that night.  The rasberries contest I sat in between had my, yes...


Memorial Day

Red, white and blue.
The day that kicks off summer, even if the first official day of summer is still weeks away.

We enjoyed fun with family, the company of a very dear friend, lots of dessert, watching Piper scarfing lots of dessert - see : pictures of Piper devouring Dee Dee's strawberry "puddin'!"

Family, friends and food...always a happy combo.


Daxon's 2nd Birthday Party

It was a sweet day for a sweet little boy!
A party at the park with an awesome, rockin' band!
Watching your friends' children grow up is such a gift.
I can't believe this babe is already two!
I remember the day I met him, when he was just a handful of hours old.

It was a wonderful celebration.
Lots of dancing.
And kissing.  Yep, Mr. Dax planted a few (hundred) smooches on Pips.

A happy birthday, it was!

Pips turned 14 months!



Hello?  What's that?

Yes, it's me, Pippy!! 
And I'm wishin' ya a very

happy weekend!

Weekend Lovin',


Rian Eidson said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your haircut! So flattering on you!

And the pictures of your sweet Piper make me smile. You guys are such a happy, beautiful family. I'm so happy for you! XO


Rebecca said...

LOVE your haircut. Piper and Asha have the exact same dance moves!! Haha :) The kissy pics were the best. It was so fun catching up on your summer, thx for sharing!

Heather Nelsen said...

So much love and sweetness in these pictures Maria! You were made to be a mama, no doubt about it! I love love love the pic of Piper and Steve watching the Yankees game and the one of y'all as a family there. What a perfect gift for Steve! And as I mentioned on IG, I looove your hair! You are beautiful! Hope you guys had a great weekend!

M said...

I just love watching her grow! And I Love, love, love your new hair!

Faith said...

My heart would be exploding if Piper was my little girl too! She is an abundance of too cute!

And your haircut, love, love, love! You look amazing!

And her on the phone looking like she is having a real conversation!

mail4rosey said...

All babies seem to like to eat toes, lolol

I love the hairstyle.

And I love all of the pictures as usual, but the double headtop piggies and the blowing kiss.... oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Did I say, 'oh my gosh!' hahaha That's gotta be the baby of the year photo!!

Little sweet Piper and her cute little snoot. :)

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