Friday, August 29, 2014


"Never Alone" - Lady Antebellum and Jim Brickman

Good morning.
Well, it's here...the last few days before everyone declares "It's the end of summer!"
I can't believe I'm typing these words, but...
I'm going to miss summer a little bit. 
These words, coming from someone who used to say "Yuck!" to the months
 of June, July and August.
We made so many memories this summer.  So many firsts as a family of three.
So many of those moments, I still plan to share here.
In my book (and in this blog), fall doesn't start until the calendar says so. 
Be prepared for summer (and even some late winter and spring) memories in the coming weeks.

Today, I have photos that mean so very much to me and Steve.
My friend, Kelly, met us at the park one very warm July morning, I handed her my camera, and she started snapping almost instantly.  In one short hour, she captured so many special moments, and so much of Piper's personality.  She was worried she didn't get any good ones.
I laugh at that, because I love so many of them, it was really hard to narrow 'em down.
I cry, because I feel my heart being pulled towards so many beautiful emotions.

I've had these photos for over a month now.  I take a night about once a week and edit a few, and just sit with my music and give thanks.
These pictures make me so happy.
The man and little girl in them - they make me feel so blessed.

Thank you again (and again), Kelly.  I love you.
All of the photos you've taken for us over the years are ones we truly cherish.


This was one of the first photos.  I mean, she's picking her nose with not one, but two chubby, little fingers.  If this was the only "good" photo, we'd be okay with that.

*Piper's pretty, pretty headband - Logs 'n Lace

Snoot alert!

Piper, ripping off that pretty, pretty headband made for a series of really cute photos!

I laugh so hard whenever I look at this picture.  Piper's face!!  She looks so ticked off, and like she's ready to kick some tush (and like she does not belong in that dress one bit)!

This one, too!  LOL!


#modelmoonchie  #strikeaposevogue

Piper's sweet outfit, from her sweet Aunt J!

Her amazing headband - Little Miss Millie's Boutique



A few candids/bloopers

This is so gross, I know.  But I had to include it.  When Kelly and I came across poor Mr. Ribbit, we laughed (okay, cackled like wild chickens) so hard - the one out of 3,285 times that she and I made a scene, and had Steve shaking his head at us.

Here's a cute baby foot to take your mind off of "Mr. Ribs"
*favorite summer shoes, from Dee Dee



Milk break

Don't eat the grass, Pippy!

We're pretty sure she thought Dee Dee was behind the door.

"Nope, No Dee Dee!!  I'm outta here!"

*Piper's bright 'n beautiful headband - Logs 'n Lace

This girl...
This little light of ours...

 Oh how we adore her.

How grateful we are to stand beside her.

How blessed we are to be together.


Wishing you a weekend filled with blessings and new adventures.

Happy last weekend of August!


Grateful Lovin',


Steve said...

Love them and love you two. Fall has no idea how awesome it's going to be with Pips!!

Anonymous said...

You guys are the most beautiful little family! Your happiness and gratefulness shows right through these pictures. Piper is one lucky little girl to have you and Steve for parents. She is so beautiful and happy and these pictures make me smile. I am digging the vogue modeling shots. LOL! She was totally working that camera!!! XO

Laura Railing said...

Maria these are absolutely beautiful!!! You might need a few collages of them. I don't know what your friend was worried about- There are so many good ones! She really captured Piper's adorable personality! I love fall but I too like to fit in as many fun summer things as possible. With my brother coming to visit you can bet we will be fitting another beach trip in!

M said...

So many precious pics! <3

Camille Griffiths said...

Beautiful pics!! The last one is just priceless, lol!

Janille Rose said...

Maria, you are so blessed and Pips is a beautiful miracle! So many gorgeous photos!!! She is just so adorable!!! My favorite is the black and white photo of you and her - absolutely beautiful!!!!

mail4rosey said...

No idea how you could ever pick a favorite from the bunch. You've got SO many great ones here. I hope you framed the b&w one of you and Piper together. I said awww about three times on that one. :)

Anna said...

These are so beautiful, Maria! I know you will cherish these for years to come!

My summer hasn't been the greatest, but I'm also a super fall lover. So I'm very much ready for fall. Maybe we will be able to make up for the summer being a bust---this fall and winter. ;)

Whitney Cypert said...

Such a gorgeous family! Piper makes me giggle, the faces she makes are priceless and so hilarious. My favorite is the one under your hashtag little old lady. SO funny!

Tammy @Threads Of Rheumatoid said...

Oh my gosh I love them all but especially the one with the three of you walking away, next the last photo. Pip is adorable. Hugs. Tammy

Faith said...

These pictures are beyond beautiful! I want to take y'alls picture!

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