Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Hi there!  How are ya?  I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving.  
And an awesome end of November.

Like, this awesome!!

I'm trying to wrap my mind around the fact that we're already four days into December.
I've got big hopes and dreams for the twenty-one little days that stand between now and Christmas.
I guess I better get on putting our fall decorations away and throwing out those pumpkins that are still sitting by our front door.  
I started getting giddy last night as I was of the offices I clean went all out and bedazzled every room with red and green and gold.  Though, I could have done without the 3,208, 488 fake needles from the 397 wreaths they had decking their walls.  (The vacuum got a work out!)  
I have the decorating itch.  I think I may just start tonight.  Steve and I are currently emailing back and forth with our thoughts.  And, surprise...we actually are in agreement with our ideas!
I can't wait to break out the boxes full of cheer that have been hanging out in the basement for the past eleven months and start scattering their contents all over the house.  We're waiting to get our tree until early next week.  We like to keep it up into the first week of January, and we don't need the thing dying and going all Charlie Brown on us like it did a couple Christmases ago. 

Lemme see if I can find the picture.
Ahhh, we go....


The last week of November filled my heart with so many emotions.  
So happy to be celebrating our daughter's first Thanksgiving.
And sad, that my dad would not be able to be home for it.
But there's a lot to be thankful for.  
And though sometimes it's hard to find a bright side to everything, 
my family and I have been given a gift that effortlessly adds light
in times of need.
And well, pretty much always.
I'm so thankful for this baby girl.

Last Monday, I dressed her in her "Gobble Gobble Gobble" outfit from Dee Dee and instantly felt 
my excitement rise.
I love this time of year.

The last hour before Daddy comes home is often our cuddly, giggly time. (Unless, Pips is taking a late second nap.)

I put Piper's headband across my forehead and snapped it repeatedly for a good fifteen minutes.
Instant entertainment...


And afterwards...a mini photoshoot.
I don't believe in making the bed most days.

She's such a little ham turkey.

Tuesday, we woke up all smiles.
As I was nursing Pips I noticed she had a rash all over her chest, back and belly.
I was a bit alarmed and called the doctor right away.  Here, it was just the aftermath of her weekend fever and nothing contagious or to worry about.
We did a happy dance.  We could still go to the library for "The Nutcracker!"

My friend, Rebecca, sent me this adorable tutu earlier this year.  She made it for her daughter, who wore it for Valentine's Day, and so thoughtfully surprised me with it.  I've had it in Piper's closet and couldn't wait for the day she'd wear it.

"The Nutcracker" turned out to be a bit of a bust.  
But I shouldn't really say that.  
My babe got to spend time with her Dee Dee, GiGi, Aunt Kelly and her babes.
I got to watch as her eyes locked on the dancers.
I began to daydream about years from now when we'll take her to see a more real version of it.

Dee and Pips shakin' it 

She's totally pointing her toes.

This little turkey tushie...

She cracks me up.  She's totally checkin' her new 'do out after her bath.
I love how crazy and somewhat curly her hair gets in the tub.

A Thanksgiving Eve visit to Dee Dee's called for a dance with Creepy Mr. Nutracker.
It is insane how much Piper loves him.  When we walk in the door, she looks for him and starts waving and cooing at him.

Dee Dee found this sweet seat at Goodwill.  I think it was made just for a Piper tush.

She may have face-planted into the floor shortly after this photo was taken.  #momfail

All that action at Deeds' made for a sleepy Pips.

She needed some Mum-Mums to rev her engine back up.
And she happily begged for some from Dee Dee.

Steve laughed and said I tied that ribbon on her head like she's some gypsy.  Hey, it was leftover from one of Dee Dee's early Thanksgiving gifts.  I put it to good use.
And Pipsy is a gypsy.

The cute turkey dress and turkey hat were two of the early gifts from Deeds.
She showers this munchkin with treats and love.

Later that night, I was in here uploading some photos while Steve was giving Piper a bath.
Bathtime is always fun...She sometimes plays in there until her feet are wrinkled.

I couldn't help but sneak this video of Daddy singing to Pips' favorite song.


Once Daddy and the babe were snorin', I got to work.
I knew it was going to be a late night for me...fifty-three minutes of sleep kinda late.
I made a green bean casserole, a corn souffle - thanks to Aunt Jessica, who suggested it and said "you can't mess it up!" (For the record...I can mess any recipe up.  I'm that bad in the kitchen!)
But the souffle, though more of a bread, turned out good.
I guess I was feeling gutsy...I decided, at four in the morning, to try my luck with baking a pie.
I've never baked a pie in my life.  Luckily, the Pillsbury Doughboy helped me out with the crust.
I was smirking as I mixed the ingredients and thought about the catastrophe that could soon occur.
Piper woke up for her "sleepy boobie time" before going back to bed and before I knew it, the pie was baked (or so I thought).
It came out looking almost too good to be true.  Despite the "soupy" center (because Maria doesn't understand how to tell if something is baked fully), it was surprisingly good once thrown back in the oven for a bit more.
I think I may just try another pie this month.

We woke up Thanksgiving morning and had cookies for breakfast. (I may have eaten Piper's.)
I got Pips and myself ready while Daddy got the bird all ready for the oven.

We headed to visit Papa Bear later in the morning.
Again, I felt my heart breaking...
But, I also felt grateful...
Thankful that we could all be there with him.  Thankful that he could see Piper...I promised him I'd dress her up in a pretty outfit for him. Thankful that he could eat something...
my mom made him pumpkin pudding.  
"What a relief to eat something good!" were his words.  I was thankful for those words, too.
He loved it.  And you know who else did...Miss Piper.
She was eyein' up that container like crazy.  I tucked a paper towel in her dress and she and Papa Bear shared a few spoons.  
Bittersweet, always seems to be the best way to sum up the way it feels.

We came home, took a few photos and then got comfy until dinnertime.

Her faces...I just cannot take it sometimes...

She loves waving at babies. 

I laid out a blanket and Pips and Daddy got comfy and watched some t.v.
We have a new game we play with her - we toss one "puff" at a time into a bowl and she gets so excited to grab it and munch it right up.

Puffs for Pippy.  Pizza for Daddy.

Uncle Nicholas, Cousin Ashley and Dee Dee arrived.
We put on "Elf" and got ready for the night.

Through the busy-ness, there were many moments I'd get a little lump in my throat.

Like, the tiny bib and baby plate at the end of our table.

Watching Dee Dee feed hungry, hungry TurkeyPippy while Daddy and I got the food ready.  Piper had a feast of turkey, sweet potatoes, mixed veggies (all baby food) and of course, more of Deeds' pumpkin pudding.


I waited to eat after Piper went to bed.  Dee Dee joined me.
Just like the moments we shared that day, I didn't want to rush it.

That Dee Dee...

It was a happy Thanksgiving.

We were so excited that Daddy had off on Friday.
And also, excited for leftovers.
Check out these sweet potato heads!

After Piper's nap, Daddy suggested a little trip to Target.  It was sweet seeing Steve's reaction to Piper sitting in the front of the cart.  It was his first time seeing her in the big girl seat.
We picked up some goodies for Pips and made sure she wasn't peekin'.

Later that night, Piper had an extreme blowout.  Like, massive, up-to-her-neck.  
So massive, Steve informed me I had poop on my face.
Yep, and right after, as I was stripping Piper down for a good scrub, she peed all over me.
Piper the Pooper struck again.

I took a much needed shower and met up with the shoppin' crazies, Dee Dee and GiGi to celebrate
Geegs' (October) birthday.
We like to celebrate late 'round here.
Enchiladas, a giant bowl of guac, refreshing beer, fried ice cream and us wacky ladies made for a very fun and relaxing night.

Saturday, was "Friendsgiving" - our first.

That afternoon, Piper took a super long "happy nappy" while Steve and I toasted with a couple of bloody marys.

Pips woke up refreshed and ready for some fun.

We had a little dance party while we waited for everyone to arrive.


We ate an hour later than we said we would...just like we always do.
We laughed a ton and talked about subjects not meant for the table (or maybe anywhere).  Ok, maybe I mostly talked about them.  We toasted to this year and all of the blessings our friends have in store for them in the coming month and new year.
It was a good night.

Piper woke up after only a couple hours of sleep and would not go back down.  So, Mommy decided she could party with was a special treat.

Aunt Jessica and Uncle Ed stayed and kept the party going.  Video games for the boys.  And gabbin' and snugglin' for the girls.  Aunt Jessica surprised Pips with a beautiful, handmade headband and a pretty top.

  What a sweet end to our Friendsgiving.

Feeling happy.
And so very thankful.

This babe is gonna wake up from her nap any minute now.
Have a happy-as-a-baby-in-snowmen-pjs kinda day!!

Happy Hump Day!

Grateful Lovin',


M said...

She is seriously ADORABLE! How is it possible that she seems to get cuter with every post! Looks like she had a fun 1st 1st Christmas! Eeeee can't wait!

Rebecca said...

Love the poop face! Asha wore the same T day dress! I will have to send you a pic! I can't believe P is pulling herself up already :) time flies!

Infertile625 said...

I can't get enough of all those squishy nose faces! She's do sweet! I'm glad you had a good thanksgiving. I think about your Dad often, and while I have no idea what is going on, he is always on my heart.

Judy Haughton-James said...

Wonderful pictures and videos of Piper and you all Maria! What a special Thanksgiving you had this year! I am so happy that you and Steve have experienced such special moments! Piper is growing nicely and is so adorable! Keep having good times and I wish you, Steve and Piper a great December! Lots of Love, Friendship and Best Wishes always.

MrsV said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful thanksgiving <3 Piper is soo adorable, seriously she gets cuter by the day!

Thank you for your comments, everyone is doing good now and thankfully no "extra" excitement !

Kat said...

Wow, so much to catch up on. It sounds like your life has been so amazingly busy and full of friends, family, and LOVE. Piper is slowly growing up to be a beautiful little baby. I can't wait to see more of her. I love her gobble gobble gobble shirt. How cute!

Looking forward to seeing how you'll decorate the place for the holidays!

Aleisha McD said...

Hi HOney! WONDERFUL POST! And Piper is SO gorgeous. I don't doubt you are an excellent mother. You were born to do this! I LOVE YOU! I'm THANKFUL for you!

Brittany said...

I seriously cannot get over the Piper cuteness. Those chubby cheeks, that squishy-eyed smile, those gorgeous eyes...she is such a DOLL!!! I just wanna squeeze her through the screen! And kiss her sweet cheeks about 849 times. I can tell those cheeks are full of sugar.

Looks like y'all had such a fun, festive Turkey Day! I love all of Pippy's accessories and outfits; she is one stylish baby girl! I'm with you on the anxiousness to decorate for Christmas; I was just telling my Mom today that Thanksgiving being a week later has really cramped my Christmas style. We're gonna turn around and it's gonna be here...feel like we just got the tree up! I can't wait to see how beautiful you decorate and all the fun things you'll do in the next 20 days with sweet baby girl!! I LOVE what DeeDee's doing with the daily gifts...she's one awesome grandma!

Love to you all! Stay warm!!! (and drink lots of hot cocoa :) )
-Britt and Bear

mike fernandes said...

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mike fernandes said...

Looking for country singer to sing these songs. I am a songwriter and not a singer and want someone to sing this song. If you email me I will send words and music at no cost. All I ask is for you to post your recording on tube and let me know. Also if you happen to make any money with the songs I would ask for royalties. thanks

Faith said...

Piper sure is one blessed gal! With every post you see just how deeply loved she is by her entire family. I love it so much.

And those faces she makes! I love them! They never fail to make me smile a big one.

I'm glad y'all had a great Thanksgiving. I wish your dad would have been able to be there but like you said, you have so much to be thankful for!

Alex[andra] said...

I love your intro to this post! That is so sweet!

It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The pictures of Piper are adorable as always. And look at your hair! There's one picture of you holding Piper and your hair looks gorgeous!!

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