Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow, Six, Seven and Eight Months

"Let It Snow" - Martina McBride

I'm sitting here shoveling those addicting Stacy's Pita Chips and guacamole (GiGi, you should have taken them home!!  Okay, maybe you shouldn't have.  They're amazing!) like there's no tomorrow.
The shades are up and I can see my friend, Adam, and his son, Noah, sledding down the hill behind our house.  Steve came home early today.  He and Piper are screaming out the window to Adam and Noah.  Okay, Maybe just Steve is.
  Piper and I had an amazing first half of this snowy snow day.

I'm feeling peaceful.  
And content...still in my pajamas and slippers.  

Last night, Steve and I didn't get much sleep.  Miss Pips is on this constant pattern with her teething...
Drooling, chewing, fussin' like mad for a day or two (or week or two) and then, she takes off a day or two (or week or two).
Steve had just commented how the past few nights had gone so well...she only woke up, at the most, three times.  That's "good" 'round here.  I told him he'd jinx it. 
Last night, she was up almost every hour or two.  And around five this morning, we brought her in bed with us.  And she slept like a baby.  Well, she is a baby.  You get the point.  Mommy and Daddy slept like babies too.  And a little after seven, we woke up to trees, houses, roads, cars...everything, covered in snow.  Because snow covers everything.  Just had to clarify that.  Steve pulled the curtains even more apart so we could get a better look.  He hopped in the shower and I cuddled with Piper; snuggling in close to her and watching as her eyes stayed glued to the snow.

The lights were off, but the light from all the white outside poured in the room.  
We laid there for a good ten minutes in silence as I watched her blue eyes stare outside...both of us still in somewhat of a lazy, comfy, haze.

 It was magical.

 I thought today I'd get to postin' Piper's six, seven and eight month memories.
After all, she is now eight + months!

But before I do,
A few memories from this morning...

Muffin wanted to take a peek.

Dee Dee Santa Dee Dee has been doing the "25 days of Christmas" with Piper.  It's heartwarming and adorable. And exciting for all of us, I think. Every day, Piper gets a package with the day written on it...its contents, always something that brings a smile to both our faces.

Last night, Steve found a bag hanging on our door.
It was "Day 9!"
And after Piper and I cuddled this morning, I gave her Santa Deeds' gift to open.

It couldn't have been more perfect for today.


Last week, I was shakin' snow globes for Piper at Target.
 She giggled at them and thought they were so neat. 
Now she has her own lil' globe.

Pippy's no fool.  She knows chocolate when she sees it.  
She swooped this Raspberry Cream Santa right up.

"Chocolate for breakfast, Mommy?!  Come on, it's a snow day!"

We played all morning and found things to get into after Piper's morning nap.
The tablecloth is off our dining room table because Daddy's going to be steam cleaning the carpets shortly.

I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to teach Piper how to smash her face against glass.
That doesn't sound right.
Okay, see for yourself.

Fun with the dining room table's "legs"...

I cry-snort-laughed for about ten minutes.
I can't stop going back to look at these.
Simply amazing.
Wacky teacher.
Fast Learner.

Okay, one more snow day picture...
I propped her up on the pillow so she could get a better look.
I can't take that tush.


So, six, seven and eight months...
Oh, they have been my favorite.
I think I said that at five months, too.
But, really, these have been so awesome and fun-filled.  Such a rush.
They have been full of life.  And not so full of sleep.  For Daddy and me, at least.
But is it worth it?  Of course it is.  It's the greatest blessing to watch this babe grow and learn and change daily.
Happy 6, 7 and 8 months.
I don't doubt that this month is going to continue to be
our most favorite, love-filled yet.

Some Pippy facts...

She loves loves loves to eat.

Like, she dances, growls, howls, cries, screams and smacks her lips when she knows food is coming.
She loves Mum-Mums, Puffs, bananas (still probably her favorite), sweet potatoes,
guacamole and ice cream (a dippy for Pippy).

She loves to play peek-a-boo.

Like I said, she loves to eat.
And "snoot" - scrunch her nose like a wild babe.  Her Uncle Nicholas used to do this all the time when he was a baby.

She loves her Dee Dee.  There's never been a time where she sees her and doesn't smile.
This video is one of our favorites.

She loves her Daddy.  And when she hears the garage door or front door open, she knows he's comin'.

She loves to wave.  She waves at everything.  Just a bit ago, she was waving at a pile of dirty clothes in the hallway.

Month 6

Dee Dee serenaded her when we went for a visit on her six month birthday.

We had a little celebration with pizza, ice cream, cupcakes, Dee Dee, GiGi and Uncle Nicholas.
It was Pips' half-birthday.  There needed to be candles and icing.
She was showered with love.
We couldn't ask for a better Dee Dee, GiGi and Uncle Nicholas for Piper.

"Did I hear ice cream?!!  I'm ready!"

We lit a candle and all sang Happy Birthday to our Little Squish.  

She dug right in.

"Hey, lay off my cupcake, Mommy!"

Blurry, but love 'em.

Pips is rockin' one of her gifts from Dee Dee.  I can't wait for her to wear it this month!!


Piper's six month stats...
17.2 pounds (68%) and 27" (88%)
We'll get her next round of stats at her nine month check-up

"I hear I'm gettin' another needle!  There better be cupcakes after this, Mom and Dad!!"

Piper paper party!

Sesame Street calmed her right down after they stabbed her chubby thigh.

Month 7

Hugs 'n kisses for Dee Dee 

And here we are at

Month 8

She's showing more and more interest in crawling.  One of her legs always seems to get stuck underneath her, and she gets frustrated and sits back or rolls over.
She loves to scooch backwards.  I call it "mooncrawling."

Always wavin'.

We celebrated eight months with a trip to Yum Yum Yogurt - Piper's favorite.
Dee Dee sneaks extra "dippies for Pippy" and Pips just loves it.
She even makes "Mmm Mmm" noises and gets all giddy.

"Deeds, when Mommy and Daddy turn around, go ahead and give me a spoon of that cookie dough!"

Oh Piper,
you know we adore you.
I say all it all the time to your Daddy - "Do you think she knows how much we love her?"
We love you more than you love ice cream.

And, that's a whole lot, babycakes.

Sorry, one more time.
I just had to.

Happy Tuesday.  And if it's snowin' in your neck of the woods,
Happy snow day!

6, 7, And Most Definitely 8 Month Lovin',


lovejoy_31 said...

She is too stinking adorable, Maria! LOVE all of the pics.

Infertile625 said...

Snow days are awesome! Especially when you're a teacher! That smushy Pippy face is priceless!

Rebecca said...

Those faces are hilarious!!!!

I like the 24 days of Christmas idea, I may steal it for next year!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful baby! I know you are so proud of your sweet angel - it definitely shows what a wonderful mother you are. I love those funny faces Piper makes. She is so hilarious!

Mel @ thereisahigherhope.blogspot.com

Anna said...

She is so cute! Just love seeing your posts and Instagram pics. :)

mail4rosey said...

A little barrette in her hair, awww!! Love the face smooshing pictures, I'd have snort-laughed too, those are fun!!

She's so sweet as can be, and it looks like she's good at opening presents!! We've got our sweet grandbaby girl coming for 8 days and I'm excited. She was born in May, so they're super close to the same age and your posts always make me miss her...well, I miss her anyway. :)

Loved your updates, and we've got snow too!

Judy Haughton-James said...

Wonderful pictures and videos of Piper! It must have been so exciting for her to see snow for the first time. I like how she loves to wave. I send her a wave from all the way over here in Jamaica!:) Oh the pictures of her face against the glass are so cute! You are in store for a great Christmas Maria! Lots of Love, Friendship and Best Wishes to you, Steve and Piper. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Heather @ Notes from the Nelsens said...

Oh sweet angel!! She somehow gets more and more beautiful everyday! I love her squishy faces against the glass and her MmmMmmm noises at yogurt! And how sweet is Dee Deewith her 25 days of Christmas! Oh my that sweet Piper is loved! I hope her last few nights have been better- for her sake and for yours and Steve's! Teething is no fun! Hope you guys have a great week, Maria!

Brittany said...

Precious Piper!!! I laughed so hard at that last picture; seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen. Squishy Pippy! I can't believe how fast time is flying...it really needs to slow down so our babies can be babies forever! But the more they grow, the more fun it gets. Piper's outfits are all SO cute!!! DeeDee is spoiling that girl in all the best ways :). I love that Piper loves food so much..she's in the right family because y'all eat some amazing meals! Hope you and your sweet family have the BEST, MERRIEST Christmas, Maria!!!! It's 65 here today so I'm a bit jealous of the snow...must be so magical to see Piper's face light up at the winter wonderland. Send some to Houston, please! :)
Brit and Bear

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