Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

As I've stated before, I'm terrible at "Wordless Wednesday" posts.  My few attempts in the past have turned out more like "Wordy Wednesday!"   I just can't keep from jabberin' on and on.  But tonight, I'm gonna give it my very best whirl.

I just got home an hour ago from a crazy, huge, consignment sale with Dee Dee and Gigi.  We shopped til we dropped.  No seriously, I could have dropped.  I'm one delirious lady right now.  Miss Pips is cutting a third (and probably fourth) tooth.  Her top right tooth is starting to show it's pearly white face.  I named her Ruthie.  And lemme tell ya, Ruthie (the toothie) is no joke.  The past few nights, Piper has been waking up about 5,339,284 times.  Poor Pips.
If Ruthie is anything like Herbie and Bernie, she'll be out and joining the fun in the next couple weeks.  We're keeping the faith that her next-door neighbor joins her soon, and then gives Piper more than a three week break in between the next tooth(ies).

 My feet are achin'.  My eyes are heavy.  And my stomach is beggin' me for a Diet Coke (I almost kicked the vending machine when I saw it was all out of my DC tonight)!
So, before I start rambling (even more) on...(Yeah, this so isn't wordless!)...

I present to you, my best attempt at a "Wordless Wednesday" yet.

Memories from the past few weeks...
(I will let the videos and pictures do all the talking.  Promise.)



Wow.  I did it.  Not one peep.

I'll be back over the weekend with Piper's 5 month post -
 filled with memories from her first week as a five month Pippy. 

I don't think that was enough pictures.
So here's one more.
Happy Wednesday night.
<3, The Moonchie Bunch

Have a wonderful Thursday.

Now for that Diet Coke....

Lots of Lovin',


mail4rosey said...

AWESOME vids/pics. I was dying with the laid back in the pool pic, dying! It was so cute/hysterical/awesome and then I kept going and saw her in her little turquoise suit, awwww!!! And her purple and white dress!!! Awww!! hahaha, If I was close by I imagine I would be saying, 'awww!' all of the time. I bet everyone does, lol

Love the toothie names. Tell Ruthie to hurry it up, she's making Pippy lose her beauty sleep (not that she needs one drop of that!). :)

Anna said...

Great pictures and videos! :)

I'm "too wordy" for wordless Wednesday too. ;)

Infertile625 said...

What an amazing dose of sweetness!

Judy Haughton-James said...

Piper is oh so cute! I enjoyed watching all the videos and seeing the wonderful pictures. She is growing so nicely! Enjoy the rest of your week Maria and Lots of Love, Friendship and Best wishes to you, Steve and Piper.

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