Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Little Adventures

Piper.  Piper.  Piper.  Tomorrow she will be one month old.
Time really does zip on by.  Oh, there's so much to say.
I'll save the sappiness for the next post.  I just can't believe it's been a whole 30 days already.

I can't get enough of our little "Mooncheekins" (one of her 492 nicknames).

Mooncheekins  Piper had a wonderful third week of life.

She loves focusing on objects.  She will stare for minutes at a time.

More lil' smiles are poppin' out each day.

The other night, Piper was fussing away.  Daddy swooped her up and swayed her back and forth as they headed down the hallway.  A few minutes later, he called me into the
nursery.  He let Piper try out her crib, turned the lights off and turned on her musical seahorse from Dee Dee.  She was mesmerized...cooing and making the sweetest little baby noises.
We melted instantly.

Aunt Karen stopped over for a visit. 
She came, as always, bearing lots of treats for Mommy, Daddy and Pips.

Dee Dee joined us a bit later.  Piper got an earful as she listened to all of the
 funny and interesting stories us ladies were telling all afternoon.

Pretty grandma and grandbaby...
She loves sleeping on Dee Dee.

Piper is such a lucky little lady to have these two ladies in her life.


"Yay!  Daddy's home!"

Just a few of the treats from Aunt Karen...
This was just half of the meat-wich she brought for Steve.
It was almost as big as Piper.

Fart food for Mommy

Sushi, how I love thee

Steve and I watched American Idol while scarfin' our dinner.  Pipsy soon woke up, heard the tunes and wanted to dance.  We shook our groove things for a few songs - Piper loved every bit of it (and so did I).

However, she was sad when the show ended.
HAHA!  Is it bad that I (and Steve, as you can see in the pic) laugh at crying babies/baby photos?!
I adore this little sad face.

I got the "Piper pout" on video.
It's the cutest.  Again, I melt.

Aunt Jessica named Pipsy's seahorse, Neptune.  How perfect!
Piper loves him and the sweet sounds that come from his belly.

Talk about melting...

Aunt Jessica came over last Thursday.  We ate lunch at home while Piper slept by us.
We found her like this after a lot of gabbing...we were dying laughing.
"Uh, Mommy, my headband may be a little big!"

After lunch, we headed on a walk downtown for ice cream.
I have become obsessed with ice cream (again).  I didn't really crave it all that much during my pregnancy.  But now, it's all I ever want.

Piper woke up just as we had ordered our Raspberry Truffle and Guatemalan Ripple.  She cried and cried and yelled at Aunt J and I for not ordering her a mini cone with rainbow sprinkles.
We parked it at a table outside as I rocked and swayed Pippy.
Once the babe was back to sleep, it was time for some photos...

<3 these pictures.  <3 these girls.

Luckily Piper slept through what Aunt Jessica and I encountered next. 
Lemme tell ya, we picked a very entertaining spot to eat our ice cream and take in the pretty weather.
Every 9 out of 10 people that walked by us were just a tad cuckoo!   And every other one of them decided to stop and talk to us!

Mommy learned quickly that next time it'd be smarter to order a cup rather than a cone.
I still loved every bit of my Guatemalan Ripple cone soup.

Girlfriends. <3


Piper gets her love of bathtime from her Mama.

Love these faces.

Tummy Time...

"Weeeeeeee!!"  Wishing Dee Dee and Uncle Nicholas a nice night!

 Piper and I took a trip to two grocery stores on Friday. 

She snoozed it up and woke up crying away while Mommy checked out.
And then she snoozed again...

Waking up halfway through and checking out all the sights.  She was adorable and so

"Where in the heck am I?!"

"Hey flufflies, may I join you?"

One of my mom's cute finds at the consignment sale we went to on Saturday.

 Uncle Jamie, Aunt Leslie and Parker came over to meet Piper.
They brought a wonderful lunch and dessert.
The babes traded gifts as we celebrated Piper's birth and Parker's birthday.

Beautiful babe!  These photos make me pop!

We were so happy to get together and see our little girls together.
They're only a few days shy of being exactly one year apart.

Love Piper's face (and hat) here.  LOL!

The two "P-er" girls

Saturday night, I made us a Mexican feast.  We watched a movie while Pips slept. 

Sunday morning, Daddy fed Piper while I took a little break.

We spent the day in, relaxing.
Muffin loves hanging with her new sister.

Daddy feet.  Baby feet.  Yahh!


A Sunday stroll

A visit with Aunt Kim, Uncle Adam and Noah

More melting...

 More ice cream fun...

"Mommy, I'll take the extra large peanut butter and chocolate chip milkshake!"

Daddy accidentally ate Mommy's Heathbar ice cream.  I wasn't mad.  It was my mistake.  I took a taste and told him it was his.  Reese's peanut butter cups must taste the same.

Dee Dee came over while Daddy hung out at Uncle Adam's.

We got her ready for bathtime.

Dee Dee did the honors.  Piper was a water sweetie...hanging her tiny legs and feet over the side of the tub.  She was lovin' it.  And so was Dee Dee.


 Muffin joined the fun.

We wrapped her up
all snugly and warm.

And Dee Dee rocked her to sleep.

Monday morning, we woke up and sang songs.
Her favorite was "The Hokey Pokey!"  

 She smiled as I shook her little feeties and wished her a happy four weeks.

 Tomorrow we celebrate Piper's first month and the beginning of May.

I'll be back later this week. 

I hope everyone is having a beautiful last day of April.

May Eve Lovin',


E and R said...

OH MARIA! She just gets cuter every day. You are truly blessed and I couldn't be happier for you!

E and R said...

OH MARIA! She just gets cuter every day. You are truly blessed and I couldn't be happier for you!

Alex[andra] said...

As always, these pictures are all so precious. I'm glad you included some videos too!

When I read that Steve rocked her back and forth, I instantly thought of Robert Munsch's "I'll Love You Forever."

The ice cream looks delish!

The last picture of Piper is so cute! It just makes you smile. :)

Kelly @ Stay at Home Trader said...

Oh my goodness gracious! Could she be any cuter??? I mean seriously! I absolutely love every single one. I found myself studying her little face and thinking how much she has changed in just 30 short days! WOW! What a big girl, and that smile is SO CONTAGIOUS! There's a Maggie Moo's by me, just sayin ;) hahahaha! And I promise not to eat your ice cream cone....as long as you don't get too close :) hahaha! I keep looking at these pictures of you and Steve with Piper, and I swear it's like watching a dream come true. I don't think I've ever seen you guys smile so big, or be SO PROUD! All I keep thinking is, YOU DESERVE THIS! You deserve all of this happiness, and I love seeing you with this little baby. It's almost like she's been here all along just waiting for you. I love you so much, and hope I can see you soon! xoxoxxoxoxo! Kelly

Rian Eidson said...

Aw!!!!! She is so sweet! Landon had the same playmat and loved it. And I must say, you look amazing! You are on beautiful mama, Maria! Can't wait for more Pip updates. Xoxoxoxo

Rebecca said...

Now I need ice cream!

She looks a lot like you. Love the pics, especially daddy and baby sleeping...so cute!

Mrs. E said...

You are superwoman. I cannot believe you cooked! Already! I think I made my first meal at like...6 mo ths postpartum ;) I have always loved your pictures, and I'm loving them even more with Miss Piper in them. She is so cute, and holy crap, she looks so much like your mom!!! Love you guys xoxoxo

Maria said...

She is precious! I love how she has so many expressions already! She is definitely going to take after her mother!

Heather Nelsen said...

Ahh! Oh my cuteness! That picture of Piper sleedping on DeeDee with that subtle little smirk is TOO much! And the shot of daddy feet and baby feet- adorable! How is she giving so many sweet smiles already?!! She is a total bundle of joy- 492 nicknames is totally appropriate for this little lady bug. ;) ;)

30 days of sweetness and bliss. Love.


Faith said...

The amount of cuteness in this post is almost too much for me to bear :)

Piper is so adorable! I laughed out loud when I saw the crying pictures. You and Steve are hilarious!

I can't believe how quickly time is flying by.

And I'm completely starving for ice cream now.

JP said...

So so cute! The picture of her foot next to Steve's cracked me up! You guys are so goofy and fun and loving! It would be fun to be neighbors! Have a great day, Maria! JP

Kat said...

Too precious! I love the picture of Piper and Dee Dee. Piper looks like the sweetest baby girl.

Also, I giggled when I read "fart food for mommy". Hilarious :)

Anonymous said...

I just can not believe it has been a month already. Seems a blink doesn't it? She is too cute with her pouty faces and then her cuteness looks, oh my. I love the photo pick with her music toy in the crib. Go black and white on that one!! Awesome photo. I'm so happy for the two of you sharing in the joy of this little miracle. I look forward to the updates so much I can't tell you. Huggers to you all. Tammy

mail4rosey said...

She's so beautiful, cute, darling, and precious.

And look at you looking like you were not expecting a baby a month ago! You look FANTASTIC!

Thanks for the awesome baby shares. :)

Noel Marie said...

You look fantastic!! Love your dark hair and red lips in a couple of those pics!!

Stephanie N. said...

I can't believe it's already been a month!

She is just the sweetest, most enchanting thing! She just looks so alert and so interested in the world around her. I can't wait to see how that grows with her. What magic!

I hope you all are having a great week together. Keep the pictures coming!

(OH, and I got your card on Monday. Thanks so much for sending it and your sweet, thoughtful words. And the card itself was adorable!).

Happy Wednesday, sweet friend! <3

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hi Maria,
Wonderful pictures and videos! Wow! Time flies! Imagine Piper is 1 month old today! It is great that she is doing very well and of course getting so much love! Truly deserved! Take good care and have a wonderful day celebrating Piper's first month birthday! Lots of Love, Friendship and Best Wishes to you, Steve and Piper! An enjoyable May to you all!

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

Miss Piper seriously gets cuter every time I see her!! I want to kiss her little cheeks! I love love love all the pictures! She has the worlds best parents and is surrounded by so much love! Melts my heart! Sending lots of love!

Infertile625 said...

The cuteness is overwhelming!!!! So nice to be surrounded by so many wonderful loving people. Every time I read your blog I have an overwhelming need to raid my fridge. Weird. ;)

I'll Love You Forever said...

WHAT?! time is flying! Just love her to pieces! She is so adorable and has the cutest smile! I love Kree singing in the background, haha. Yay, idol! So glad all is going well! Xoxo

Whitney Cypert said...

I can't believe she is already over a month old! Time goes by so fast! She is such a beautiful little girl! I am glad you are back to enjoying ice cream again, yum!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Oh Maria! I love her! How could she possibly be one month already! You have the cutest baby!!!! And that pout video-priceless! You are a natural my friend! xo

Jess @ LifeintheWhiteHouse.com said...

She is just so deliciously scrumptious!

Hanna said...

Wow. You've been busy! I don't get out nearly like you do but I guess I have a lot if kids in tow. She's adorable

Tracy said...

It looks like you guys are having so much fun! She is adorable!

Camille Griffiths said...

She is so beautiful!! Great pics. So glad everyone is doing well. :)

Brittany said...

Happy One Month, Beautiful Piper!!! I can't believe she is already 1/12th of a year (tears!)...that just can't be possible! Every month that passes, Zach tells me "Bear is 1/4 of a year old", Bear is "1/40th of his way to being 10", and so on. It kills me every time! hahaha! I hate to think of my baby growing too fast. Piper is still itty bitty squishy and PERFECT. She is a little doll and she looks SO much like you, Maria! She has your beautiful skin and is already learning your sweet smile- I know it's because Momma smiles at her all the time :). She's picking up on it!
So glad you got out a little with Jess...I know you enjoyed getting some fresh air and letting people ooh and ahh at "Pips" :) (love that name for her!). And the outfit y'all found at the consignment sale is PRECIOUS! I can't wait to see her in that! So pretty and classic.
Hope you guys have had a wonderful weekend soaking up lots of cuddles, smiles, and Piper Pouts :). She is the most beautiful baby, Maria! You guys must be so proud. And DeeDee looks like she is too! So glad you're getting such special pictures-Piper will love having all of these later on. You're such a great Mommy! And friend :). Thank you for always being so kind and supportive- it means the world to me (and Mr. Bear). We love you guys!

Irish Carter said...

Oh she is so heavenly prescious. I love her. What a great addition to the family. Everything seems to perfect. She just put the icing on the cake. Love her Maria. You and Steve did GOOD! Hugs

Kallah Oakes said...

You look so amazing and Piper (LOVE her name!) is a dream. so happy for you, Maria!

Katharine (LauraKat81) said...

She's so adorable!!!!

Ashley said...

She is so cute, and you look amazing for just having had a baby! And, holy cow, I can not believe she is already a month old! How did that happen?! I love that picture of steve and piper's feet; that's framable!

So so happy for you lady! Hope you had a great mother's day today celebrating, you deserve it more than anyone!

Kerry said...

Hi Maria!! Oh my gosh I am so behind in reading your posts, I am playing catch up now (so expect some marathon commenting lol); my blog posting/reading has left a lot to be desired the past few months unfortunately.
I have loved keeping up with you all on IG though, I am loving that baby doll of yours!! she is precious and it is so good to see you and steve holding this little bundle of joy after your incredibly long journey to get her here. I hope you guys are all keeping well, I love you my friend and think about you ALL the time. Have a great day!! xoxoxo

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