Monday, April 8, 2013

Feels Like Home

"Feels Like Home" - Chantal Kreviazuk

Good afternoon, friends. 
First - a huge THANK YOU to everyone.  Steve and I are so filled with love.  And so very thankful for all of the beautiful words sent our way this past week.  I wish I could express just how much it means to us.  And how truly touched we are.
Thank you.  Piper thanks you too. <3
At 4:49 this morning, Piper and I celebrated one week since she's come into this world. 
I drank hot tea.  She drank milk.  I looked down at her sweet and innocent face and gave thanks for the incredible little girl that has completely stolen our hearts these past seven days.  Tears fell as I looked at the tiny life attached to me in a whole new way - depending on me for her very early breakfast. 
Oh, these past seven days.  You all weren't lying.  They fly by.  This time last week, I was in my hospital bed eating for the first time in almost 24 hours, watching my husband get lost in the magic that is our daughter, as he cradled her tightly in his arms.  And now, I'm lying here in the living room with Piper next to me...taking in every little coo and precious baby noise she makes.  Daddy went back to work this morning.  He didn't want to leave.  Piper and I went upstairs to wake him up and he swept her up in his arms, kissed her face and stole a few minutes with her before getting up.  My heart melts in these moments.  It has melted every minute these past seven days. 
Oh, the love that is swimming inside of me.  It's hard to do anything but look at her.  I want to memorize every silly and funny face she makes.  I want to hold her close and feel her warm body close to mine.  I tell her I love her at least 835 times a day.  I kiss her 100 times a minute sometimes.  I thank her for being ours.  I look at her with such amazement.  I thank her for making her mommy and daddy feel like the luckiest people in the entire world. 
 I thank her for showing us the true and complete meaning of love. 
I thank her for making our dreams come true.
I thank her for making it feel like home.
 The hundreds and hundreds of nights that I spent awake and dying for answers in this house - praying and begging for a child...a family...a love of our own. 
All those prayers were answered these past seven days.  And this house has never felt more like home.
There's so much to say.  I plan on writing Piper's birth story this weekend.  It's a night/day that will forever be stitched in my heart.  I remember every ounce of it and I can't wait to bring it to life. 
For now, a very long ramble of sweet details (after I feed Piper). 
We are all doing well.  Adjusting to this new and exciting life very well.  We came home Wednesday early afternoon and have been learning, loving and feeling more alive (through even the most exhausting of moments) than we ever have.  Piper is more than we could have ever asked for.  She is healthy.  The doctors keep telling us she is one of the least jaundice babies they've ever seen.  She was born 8 pounds 10 ounces and when we left the hospital, she was 7 pounds 12 ounces.  They assured us it is perfectly normal for a baby her size to lose almost 10% of their body weight.  She has had two doctor visits since and is gaining appropriately - now up to 7 pounds 14+ ounces.  She is so sweet (I know every mama says that about their baby...but she really is such a love bug).  She's pretty "chill" so far.  She sometimes shows signs of "vampire-ism," but that's to be expected with a mama like hers (and a Dee Dee like hers).  She loves loves loves to be snuggled.  She loves to cuddle up on my chest and rest her head under my neck.  I swear there is no better feeling in this entire world.  She is completely out when she's asleep.  And super alert when she's awake.  She met the kitties as soon as we got home.  We're amazed and so proud of the fluffies.  They took right to her as you'll see in a few photos below.  My brother brought one of her blankets from the hospital and laid it on our bed so they could get her scent before our return home.  We found Muffin sleeping soundly on it when we arrived home .  They sniff her.  Sit above her.  Check her out in her cradle. 
She's definitely her mama in the potty department.  She's a pro.  A pooping/farting champ. 
Breast feeding - It took her a couple days to latch well.  And then, she couldn't latch quick enough.  We had a rough couple feedings Saturday morning due to gas.  Once mama had a good cry and said the word nipple 387 times, we were good as new.  In those moments, I realized even more how much I love her and how much I would do anything to make her feel happy, safe, full and satisfied.  She is eating great...every 3 hours and sometimes every 2 hours. 
I've got myself a nice little setup in the living room.  I've been sleeping hanging out down here with Pips until more of the soreness goes away.  Our bed is gigantic and super high and not the easiest to get in and out of.  I haven't been getting much sleep.  I was averaging 2 hours a night for the first few nights.  I got 4 the other night and it felt like 10.  Steve takes her when I need a quick nap.
Steve is such a wonderful daddy...completely smitten and in awe of Piper.
It has been so wonderful to watch him with her.  Until last Monday, he had never changed a diaper in his life.  He changed Piper's first one (a sticky blowout that covered mama's hands)  and it was easy to see he was a natural.  The nurses called him a swaddling pro.  He's constantly talking to her and giving her kisses.  I've cried handfuls of times watching them together.  Is this really happening?  I keep looking at her as I type - her little hands folded over her chest while she sleeps so peacefully.  She's ours.  She's here.  She's 8 pounds of magic. 
She has us all wrapped around her finger. Dee Dee is so in love with her.  I love seeing my mother with her - the way she holds her.  Kisses her.  Talks to her.  Jokes with her and I (making me laugh so hard I think I'm going to bust a stitch).  I know her and Piper are going to be so close and share such a special relationship. 
And for that, I am so grateful. 
I'm grateful for it all...
Wednesday through Sunday with Piper...
Daddy drove us home from the hospital.  I sat in the back with Pippy.  She loved the car ride.  You could tell it was soothing for her.  I choked up at the thought of walking into the house with our little girl.  We stopped at Steve's work to let a few friends come outside and say hi.  We stopped at school to say hi to Dee Dee.  We drove home with such excitement.

Video - Piper comes home...

sweet bonnet from Dee Dee

 We pulled in the driveway to find colorful balloons decorating our front door.  I smiled a teary smile as it all hit me so hard.  Thanks to Kim and her mom for such a sweet welcome home.

Jamie and Leslie sent us this purrrfect, happy treat.
We cried again.

And the kitties meet their new little sister.

I followed slowly behind Steve as we went up the stairs to show Piper her nursery.

He handed her to me and let me do the honors.
How special that moment was.

I can finally reveal all the "Piper" decor in her room.

The fabulous, funky and fun letters Aunt Jessica handmade for Pipsy (the gypsy).

The artwork I found on of the very first pieces for her nursery.
We're in love.

Once we got settled, I sunk into the couch and fed Piper.  It was a beautiful feeling. 
I spent so many nights stuck in that very same corner...crying, pleading and begging for a miracle. 
And finally, there she was.  Closer to me than ever. 

I love this face.  I LOVE it.

One of her #1 fans. <3
Dee Dee

Piper's first doctor's appointment - She doesn't like the cold.

Brie came to visit.  She is a natural and Piper cuddled into her instantly.

Thanks to Brie for making an incredible dinner for us.  Salad and chicken pot pie.
It's all gone.

Muffin can't get enough of Piper's hospital blanket...

Twinkie is fascinated by her.

So is Dee Dee.

Pip's first bracelet from Dee Dee

We're all fascinated with this bundle of pure love...

2nd doctor visit - "Oh heck no, don't you dare get me nakie again!"

Piper got tons of Easter treats from Dee Dee
even though she came 4 hours and 49 minutes too late...

2 sweet peeps

Straight up gangsta

Snuggle bunny...

Little glow worm

Stealing a few minutes before Daddy's first day back to work this morning.

We are so insanely in love with you, Piper.
You were more than worth the wait.  In seven little days, you have proven that "it's all worth it" is more than the truth.  I never wanted anything more than to become a mother.  And now,
I've never believed more that I was meant to be one.  You have completed your daddy and I.

"If you knew how much these moments mean to me
And how long I've waited for your touch
And if you knew how happy you are making me
I never thought that I'd love anyone so much"
I'll be back in a few days with some very special photos. 
And then comes the birth story...I can't wait to revisit those crazy, surreal moments.
Have a beautiful day, everyone.
Thank you always.

Piper Lovin',


Rian Eidson said...

I cried so many tears reading this and actually squealed when I saw there was a video and of course cried many more tears seeing the pictures of you and Piper together. You look so in love with her and she with you. She is beautiful!!! I can't wait to see more pictures and read about the most magical day of your life! Xoxoxox

M said...

I know we've never met, but I feel like I know you...and Steve and Ms. Piper! I never knew I could cry so many happy tears reading a 'stranger's' blog, but with this one, I really did. I'm just so happy for you guys...I can feel the love spilling out into the words and pictures :-) Congrats mama! <3

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hello there Maria,
I am so happy to see this post with pictures of Piper with you, Steve, your mom etc. I have been checking to learn more about Piper and everything here is wonderful news. As always I love all your pictures. We are all excited and so are the cats! Piper is one lucky little girl. Her room is so beautiful! I wish you all so much happiness! Your special dream has come true! Take good care and I send Lots of Love, Friendship and Best Wishes to you, Steve and Piper.

Rachel said...

She is so beautiful. You almost made me cry tears of joy for you because I remember those days. I know you are but enjoy this time but don't do what I did and go off 2 hrs of sleep a day for weeks on end. Your body will give out :-) I am so happy for you both!!! Congrats and big hugs to you both. I can't wait to hear about your birth story! Sending our love!

Melissa said...

Congratulations! I have happy tears running down my cheeks as I read through this. Piper is so surrounded by love!

Jen said...

Perfect, just perfect! So happy for you all x

Kiara Buechler said...

You always know how to bring tears to my eyes, Maria. Piper is precious, I am so glad you finally have your love bug to snuggle and smooch.

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

What a beautiful family! I am so happy for you and Steve! Piper is absolutely adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

I can only smile! Truly. The kitty's are adorable with her already showing an instinctive curiosity. Darling. She is a peanut to be sure and adorable. I can't wait to watch her looks take on momma and daddy more. I can see you both in her right now and she is just the sweetest.

I do hope you get as much rest as you can in between snacking. Goodness knows they seem to have no end to their consumption eh? My joy for the three of you just makes me smile... really big. I'm content for you.
Hugs and love to all.

Moosey Mommy said...

I am crying looking at all of your pictures! I am so incredibly happy for you and Steve. Your lives will never be the same again, and in no time you will hardly remember a time before Piper. Kids have a way of becoming their mommas entire world. Welcome to mommyhood!!! No one deserves it more than you!

Infertile625 said...

Tears streaming down my face. Maria those pictures are filled with so much love. It's obvious. Thank you for sharing these. They leave me with so much hope!

Alex[andra] said...

There is just so much love in this post and these photos that it's overwhelming. I want to give you all a big hug! Piper's nursery looks beautiful! I love that Muffin and Twinkie love her too!

Congratulations again! <3

Karen said...

This whole post had me in tears. The love, the joy, the emotions are all so real. This is the best!! I am so happy for you guys and grateful you have let us all join you on this miracle of a journey!!

Rebecca said...

Beautiful pics. I love the ones of Piper snuggling on mommy's chest. They are just perfect. Your miracle baby is adorable. Enjoy.... Can't wait to meet her soon!

Kara and Mary said...

I have been waiting to hear about your first week home. My heart is happy for your family!!!

Jenny said...

So, so incredibly happy for you two. You both look like naturals! She is gorgeous, and I can't wait for more!

ErinMSW said...

Everything about this post is perfection.

Faith said...

I wish I had the right words for this post! I have all these happy thoughts for you and your family!

Piper is SO, SO beautiful!

JP said...

Happy love! I read this through tears! Welcome, welcome, Sweet Piper!

Puzzle peace said...

i have been waiting for this post! i cried as i read. this is such an amazing love story of strength. enjoy momma you have earned this!

Tami said...

I can't believe it's been one week already! Piper is a sweet, sweet baby. You and Steve deserve to have a beautiful angel!! Congratulations!!
Try to get sleep when you can. It's now considered a special treat. =)
I loved all the photos. I even cried over the image of you sleeping with Piper in your arms.
I don't have to tell you how lucky you are to have your baby girl.

Hanna said...

Beautiful! I will agree with you that the moment I brought my first child into this world my whole life changed in an instant. Suddenly I didn't matter anymore, my glorious baby is all I could think of. Now I have 3! And they are the reason I was born. They are the most important and best thing I will do in my life time. Hands down! God I love my children! Thank you for the beautiful reminder! I live hearing stories of first time mothers. They are always so beautiful. The awakening that happens when you have a child is simply amazing, isn't it?

Olivia {i am still learning} said...

One day I hope she knows how much she was wanted, how long you waited and prayed for her to come home to you.

She is beautiful. It's all beautiful, what a precious little one :)

And because I have to- I love that you said nipple 387 times. lol Breastfeeding can be so difficult! I think everyone saw my nipples 387 times when Jack was born ;) You're an awesome Mama! I smiled so big reading this post :) Enjoy your week, and all those snuggles!


Whitney Cypert said...

Maria, you with that little Piper in your arms is so precious! I feel like we, your readers, have been waiting to see that for so long, I can't imagine how long you and Steve have waited. Y'all are such loving and sweet parents. Piper is a lucky girl! I can't imagine the feeling of seeing your husband hold your baby girl, I would be a complete mess at all times. I love that the kitties were introduced to her and love her already! She will be a crazy cat lady too ; ). Looking forward to more updates!

Brittany said...

Oh Maria, she is SO PRECIOUS! I love her!!!! The pictures of you holding her in your other word but beautiful. Just beautiful. And I can Steve is such a great daddy...I bet he is already wrapped around her little finger :). And I'm obsessed with all the Piper details in the nursery- the letters are amazing! I've never seen any that pretty and perfect for her sweet nursery! I'm so glad breastfeeding is going well and you are soaking up all these "firsts"...Piper is so blessed to have two such amazing, caring parents.

Seriously Maria, she is a DOLL! That picture of her in the bonnet needs to be in a baby photo contest! Sweet baby girl!

Rest up as much as you can and take it easy pretty momma...I know your body feels like it's been hit by a train (remember that feeling all too well!). So glad you have lots of friends and family around to help you out..take advantage :)
Brit and Bear

Miki said...

Maria!!! OMG! Piper is so friggin' adorable!!! Just like her mom and dad! It makes my heart so happy to see you guys hold your baby girl! :D You deserve her so much!!!

Needless to say I got teary eyed reading your words and going through the pics.

Can't wait to see more of sweet Piper and read the birth story. As a woman who has never had a baby yet, I'm very curious, anxious and intrigued to know more about the miracle of giving birth.

Hugs to you all and kudos to the kitties for having given Piper such a great welcome! :D

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever commented on any of your posts but I have been following your whole journey. I've cried many times reading your posts but tonight they are very happy tears! I don't think Piper could have picked any better parents! I am so happy that after all this time you and Steve are here at this point with your baby girl. I can't wait to continue to follow you through your journey! Btw Piper is absolutely beautiful!

mail4rosey said...

I was on vacation thinking of you guys, lol. I knew you were going to have the little one while I was gone.

She's gorgeous, beautiful, terrific, fantastic, wonderful! And you guys all look good together. A perfect fit. :)

Looking forward to the birth story. Congrats again on your beautiful darling.

Maria said...

My most favorite part of life with a newborn is when they sleep on my chest. There is no better feeling!!! Congratulations, Maria. Motherhood looks so good on you!

beckyj @ A Lazy Crazy Life said...

And now I have baby fever all over again! What truly special moments you've shared here, it really brings me back to those moments with my own. Can't wait to read the birth story :)

lovejoy_31 said...

I like all of the others, have been reading this with tears in my eyes. You deserve every second of this joy. Please savor every single second. I cried hardest (at work, no less) when you talked about your mom and Piper. Please, please savor every moment between the two. I wish I could see my mom hold Celia one more time. Just once. Love you and love that beautiful baby girl!


Stephanie N. said...

Oh my gosh, I feel like a tremendous silly lady for crying. Lol. This post made me SO HAPPY for you all! ...just perfect! Perfect little girl, perfect mommy and daddy, perfect family... I'm so happy for you all!

I love how you wrote that now your house really feels like a home. SO SWEET and so TRUE. <3

I just LOVE all of the pictures. Every time I see Piper's nursery, I'm just blown away. It's SO perfect! You did such a good job! :)

I hope your next 7 days are just as precious and memory-filled. I can't wait to read the birth story! :)

Hope you and the little one are enjoying snuggles and Too funny! :) Have a good Wednesday! <3 <3 <3

Courtney B said...

Ooooh this post has me crying! It brought back so many special memories of that first week with Mia. It was all such a blur but you helped me remember the sweetest moments with my precious baby. Time really does go by too quickly! Such a perfect reminder to cherish every single moment!

Kari said...

Maria, she's perfect!!!!

Time really does fly by!!

Your pictures are adorable and Piper is absolutely beautiful!!

And P.S. You will start sleeping more! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Piper's room is lovely!!! How much work you put into it with such detail!! I have a tiny white rocker for my 3 year-old daughter and keep thinking I should get off my B--t (boot, ha!) and paint it just like yours.

Noticed that this is one of the first times you didn´t make your crazy-life photos where you make a funny-face. When I first started reading your blog over a year ago I was amazed how someone would publish such uhm, photos of their adult selves making faces and I liked it. I guess they (funny-face photos) really didn´t fit in with this post, though. So, so happy for you and Steve! What a precious daughter!! Kim from BCN

Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights said...

Such a beautiful little girl and momma and grandmomma... and what a happy daddy too! (I'm sure the kitties are happy too!). I'm so happy for y'all and that your miracle has finally come true!!! I am overflowing with happiness for you!!! XOXOXO to one of the most beautiful momma's I know!

Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights said...

Such a beautiful little girl and momma and grandmomma... and what a happy daddy too! (I'm sure the kitties are happy too!). I'm so happy for y'all and that your miracle has finally come true!!! I am overflowing with happiness for you!!! XOXOXO to one of the most beautiful momma's I know!

Big Apple Mami said...

she's beautiful!! Love that you're soaking it all up! xoxo

E and R said...

She is beautiful! I know that there will be many more times when you will feel like your heart is just going to burst it is so full of love. I still experience this on a regular basis - it is impossible to know just how much you can love someone until you are holding your baby. All of these pictures speak to the love that your home is now overflowing with.
Many blessings on your new little family!

Heather Nelsen said...

She is perfect!!! Love the video of her coming home- her tiny little face car barely hold the bonnet! So much joy and love in these pictures- I'm so glad you have the memories documented!!!

Ashley said...

So much for me to comment on! I love that you are documenting everything and have taken so many pictures(and are sharing them with us!).These moments go by so fast and you will love having all of this! I am soo sooo happy for you three. Isn't it really just so amazing?! I love all of her decor and nursery. You did such an amazing job on it.
I love the pics of Steve with Piper. The minute I saw my hubby with my kids it was like I fell in love all over again. There is something about seeing your man become a father for the first time. :)

Noel Marie said...

She is just so beautiful, I see you already can't get enough pictures of her (I was and am the same way) it never stops!!! :)) Enjoy every precious moment, time is fleeting!

Stephanie @ O Happy Day said...

Maria- I am in tears reading this beautiful post. I know first hand the road you both have travelled and while we are still very much in the valley, your posts continue to give me so much hope. Thanks for showing me that miracles do still happen and it will be worth it.

Kerry said...

She is beautiful you guys!! Just pure perfection and with her mummy's lips :)
I had no doubt at all that the two of you would be awesome parents, and the love your little girl receives I just wish all the children of the world experienced too. You have settled in well by the sounds of it, and enjoying every moment of this crazy new adventure. Sending loads of love to you all, I am going to love watching this little cutie grow xoxoxo

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