Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This and That

Steve (and I)
thank everyone for the kind and wonderful words on his last post.
Thank you.  Thank you.


Okay, really, that six should be a five.  The photo was taken yesterday.  Just five days left until my due date.  I sit here, in my favorite pajama pants that are stretched out to their max with my hair thrown in a ratty mess on top of my head.  And I find it hard to believe that I'm sitting days (at the most, 13 days) away from meeting our daughter.

I had a doctor's appointment last Friday.  Baby is extra comfy in there.   I was still 70% effaced and one centimeter dilated.  The same as the week before.  My doctor predicts I will go around or after my due date, March 24.  The latest she will let the baby come is one week, but because the hospital does not induce on weekends, that puts us at April 1st if I am to be induced.  Yes, an April Fool's baby, if she decides to stay in there that long.  As goofy as I think it is, it would kinda fit well with this whole journey, don't ya think?!   No matter when her birthday falls, she's gonna come when she is ready. 

I feel so calm.  So almost oblivious to the fact of what is about to take place.  I know that doesn't make any sense.  I mean, I think about it all the time.  Envision so very much.  Dream and let my mind wander to those moments that are gonna sweep us off our feet.  But, it's like I keep saying to Steve - "I'm so calm, it's freaking me out!"   I know I'm totally contradicting myself.
But you know what I'm sayin'!

Everything looked great at my appointment.  Blood pressure is nice and low and steady every week.  Baby measured 37 weeks at 38 weeks/5 days - but that's normal due to fluid shifting. 
Weight gain - 26 pounds.  And her heart rate is lowering which is a healthy sign towards the end of pregnancy. 
I'm starting to swell, that's for sure.  It all kinda hit me last week.  It's on and off each day.  One second I'm stuffy and the next I'm puffy.  One minute, my rings are twisting around my finger and loose.  And the next, it looks like my finger is trying to eat them.  My nose (which is already not small) is kinda going all dinosaur on me. 

I feel like this some days.

Okay, not exactly what I was looking for.  But when I Googled "clown dinosaur" this is what it gave me, so I'll go with it.  What in the world is that thing?!!
Maybe I should purchase it for baby girl's nursery!

Last Friday and Saturday, I was feeling so much pressure and huffy and puffy and stuffy, that I wondered if maybe it was a sign.  But other than that, I feel pretty much the same.  A lot of people are asking me if I have had any "it's time" symptoms.  I don't really think I have.  I thought for a quick minute yesterday that maybe something was happening.  I went downstairs to tell Steve I was having frequent cramps and before he could jump out of his chair, I realized it was just that fiber tortilla, two salads and apple I had earlier.
Speaking of Steve...the Mr. is sick.  Well, he was really sick yesterday.  He went to the doctor's immediately.  The same doctor we saw years ago to get our referral to our fertility doctor. 
He told Steve he wasn't gonna mess around with knowing our timeline, and gave him hardcore antibiotics that will clear him of it all in 48 hours.  Steve "grounded" the baby - he said she's not allowed to come out until the end of the week.  We're sleeping in separate beds until he's better. 
But I'm not sleeping much at all.  I wake up almost every hour either to pee or just be wide awake and full of adrenaline.  I did laundry the other night at 3 a.m. for fun.

Okay, I better stop myself before I type another 10 paragraphs.
I will leave you with a "few" photos of the past couple weeks.

Kelly and I went to a little consignment sale two weekends ago.
Found this brand new ducky dress for 3 bucks! I can't wait to see baby in it!

Steve and I went over to Kelly and Kurt's later thant night for chicken marsala, ice cream, fun and Scattergories.  We always have the most interesting and mature answers.

Breakfast at my mom's.  She always asks if I want anything to eat when I get there.  I reply "no, thank you" and ten minutes later food appears.

I made pancakes.  I never ever had before.  Sad, I know.  I only burnt the first one.  It was black and set the smoke alarm off and made us have to open the windows to let the fresh 30 degree weather in.
My second attempt last week was a success. 

I've been cooking a lot lately.  And getting more and more comfortable in the kitchen.
It's actually been kinda fun.

(crappy phone pics)

 A four hour lunch with Kim. <3

Thursday, Karen and I went to a huge consignment sale.  The same one we went to in September.  I remember back in September saying "I bet I won't be able to go because the baby will be here already!"  I was happy I was wrong.  It was even more fun to shop, knowing that baby will be here soon.  Karen (as always) cut in front of me in line and treated baby girl to lots of new toys and a few sweet summer outfits.
Afterwards, we headed to breakfast for two rounds of blueberry crepes.

A visit from Brie and sweet baby Henry. <3

Another four hour lunch.  With Jessica.  This was take #41.  This was the day the clown-dinosaur in me really started coming out.

Don't tell me you don't see the resemblance?!

 Okay, let's move onto something MUCH cuter...Chloe!!

Friday night with Chloe and her mama! 
Kelly made incredible enchiladas and the three of us had a girls' night in while the misters had a guys' night out.

Back to the consignment sale Saturday.
  Everything in the bag for 25 smackers!

Sunday, my mom and I spent the day running errands together.
 We first stopped for produce.  Our fridges are stocked heavily with fruits and vegetables.
It's amazing what not even 20 bucks gets you at Produce Junction.
After  5+ hours of running around, I was ready to put my feet up.

Speaking of feet...my mom gave me these shoes for baby girl.
  They were mine when I was a newbie.

 39 weeks St. Patrick's Day cupcakes

39 weeks
St. Patrick's Day bump

Kelly's awesome enchiladas on Friday inspired me to make a big batch to freeze for a couple meals after baby's arrival.  So last night, I gave it a whirl.

I want them now.

A huge thank you to Alexis and her mom, Michele.  They sent this absolutely beautiful and perfect, drool-worthy headband.
  Their letter had me crying instantly...they made it to match baby's nursery.  I lovelovelove it.
Baby will be rockin' it very soon.  Thank you both so much...you have both been such an incredible support and inspiration to me. <3

I purchased another amazing headband from their shop for baby's first few holidays later this year and oohed and ahhed over it when it arrived.  These ladies are so talented and creative.  Their headbands are my favorite out of all the ones I already have for baby girl.
You can check out their site at http://littlemissmillie.storenvy.com/.

Thank you to Melissa, a friend of Steve's who has become a friend of mine this past year.  We've gotten to know each other so well through our lengthy emails. 
She sent us this sweet canvas photo of Steve and I...one of our favorite pictures from our maternity shoot.  We decided it'd be perfect right outside of the nursery.
Thank you tons, Melissa!   We adore it! <3


I hope everyone has a relaxing rest of the day!
And a wonderful week!

 I'm gonna take it pretty easy the rest of the day.  Maybe nest a bit.   Run an errand or two. 
But mostly, just take in these last few days (or hours or week +) until we meet our little girl.

So, I'll see ya soon...whether it be in a few days...or a few more after that.
Time will tell. :)

Sending love to you all. <3

39 Weeks (and 2 days) Lovin',


I'll Love You Forever said...

Great pictures, Maria! That dress is adorable. I love your baby bump. You look amazing, especially for how far along you are. I am so glad that everything has been going well with your appointments. Baby girl is nice and snug, haha. My first boy was born on April 3, I thought I was going to go in to labor on April 1st. Can't wait to see pics of this little angel! xoxo

Alex[andra] said...

The picture on the canvas is PERFECT! What an awesome gift. You definitely don't look like that creepy clown dinosaur. I don't know what the heck that is, but it's definitely creepy.

Glad to hear you're getting comfortable in the kitchen. That's exactly what I'm trying to do too. For a second attempt, your pancakes turned out amazing!

Eeek.. 5 more days! I'm so excited for you! <3

Heather Nelsen said...

I'm so impressed with all of your kitchen creations my dear! You really cooked up a storm this week! ;) I LOVE the canvas print outside the nursery. So pretty! And you do NOT do ANYTHING like that mask! haha.. I'm sure you don't feel quite like yourself these days, but you still look GORGEOUS!! I hope Steve feels 110% better in 48 hours! Love that he put baby girl on restriction already ;) ...hope you both enjoy these days leading up to your sweet girl's arrival- whenever that day may be! I'm not gonna lie, I kinda like that April 1st date! :) Hope you guys have a great week, Maria!!!


beckyj @ A Lazy Crazy Life said...

You look so great! Hard to believe you're so close :)

Faith said...

Haha the clown picture makes me laugh! You look nothing like it! My best friends birthday is April 1st. Awesome individuals are born that day :)

Hubby is sick too. I just got rid of my cough and now it's back. We should have slept in separate beds too.

I can't believe how close you are! You look amazing!

Oh and we have the same plates from Target! The red and black ones. I love them! :)

Kerry said...

Maria, Maria, Maria, you my dear are going to have to LEARN to make pancakes because in a few years you'll be expected to make them every Sunday!! Lol
Before I forget, I love Scatergories, just incase you needed to know that haha
You look gorgeous and not at all like you are ready to give birth!! Why can't I look that good when I am pregnant?
I am so excited for you, I am thinking of you and feel so far away :( But just know that I am in your heart and just dying to hear the news when it comes :)
Enjoy these days ahead, which by the looks of it you have been!! Oh and that clown may well be the ugliest thing I have seen in a long time lol
Lots of love to you all and have fun, when it happens, just go with it!!! The most magical day of your life awaits you...xoxo

Moosey Mommy said...

I am so excited that you're this close to your due date! Enjoy the last few days of only having to take care of yourself. It will be a fleeting memory soon. ;) But a sweet little one is oh so worth the tears, exhaustion, and stress. :) Praying for you!!

Noel Marie said...

what a cute little dress that is! Now that Raegan walks, I love seeing her in girly dresses!! And you look stunning in the green shirt...dang mama, anyday now!

Brittany said...

hahahaha oh Maria, you look NOTHING like that creepy mask! That made me laugh! You look absolutely gorgeous...you truly are glowing. And SO CLOSE to baby girl's due date! Ahhhhh! I know you must be so anxious/excited/nervous/READY. She will be here any day now!! So glad your doctor's appointment went well...such good news.

Those St. Patty's cupcakes look delicious and so festive :). And your bump is adorable as always...26 pounds ain't nothin' girl, that's all baby! You'll walk out of the hospital lookin' like your normal self (and all the other mommys will loathe you ;) ). I am absolutely DYING to know her name...come on baby girl! We are ready to meet your beautiful self!!!!

Keep resting little momma...talk Steve into some feet rubs too ;).

Lora said...

I still say March 27!! It is the full moon. I don't know how things are in the north, but in Bama things just get weird around a full moon..
Hope Steve feels better soon and you stay safe from the germies..
And that clown thingy is gonna give me nightmares.

JP said...

The canvas and the headband are perfection! You do NOT resemble a dinosaur clown, silly mama - your hair is much prettier! ;)

This is gettin down to the wire. I'm so excited for you. And also for Aleisha!! Have a great night.

Kim said...

Oh, I am so excited for you! Not that I don't adore your regular posts, but I keep logging in to see if "the post" is up! I loved it at the very end of my pregnancy...I know the no sleeping, peeing every minute, and swelling suck...but that anticipation and excitement that it could literally be any minute is irreplacable!

PS...that food looks delish!

Olivia {i am still learning} said...

Stop it! That clown photo looks nothing like you, lol.

And I can't believe I somehow missed Steve's letter to baby girl.

The tears started right at "Shine bright like your Mother" because a Diamond doesn't compare.

And also the "SING IT" part made me laugh.

So excited for you two. My BFF here just had her baby. I held her last night and I can't believe how tiny she is compared to my 6 month old Jude! And she was almost 9lbs. I wanted to go visit again today but Joel talked me out of it. Said to let them rest. I am exciteddddddd though! ;) I'm sure your friends will be the same. I can't wait for her to get home so I can bring her food and help a little (if she wants)

Sorry I wrote a book I'm so excited. Babies everywhere!

Thinking of you, and I cannot wait to see her and read her name :)

Rian Eidson said...

You look beautiful, Maria!!!! Not at all like a clown dinosaur. Funny thing...I went into labor with Kameron on April fool's day, but she wasnt born until the 2nd, and of course Landon was born on your due date. So your sweet baby may share a birthday with one of mine! :) can't wait to "meet" your little one!!! Xoxoxox

M said...

I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it!! Looks like you are having lots of fun these last few days...the food looks amazing! I will be thinking of you in the coming days...two of my friends have had babies in the last week...time for a third! <3

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

OH MY GOSH.....SO didn't realize your only 5 DAYS away from your DD! I am such a slacker and trying to catch up! How so very exciting!I love the canvas picture, absolutely beautiful!!! I need to not be such a slacker cause I don;t want to miss the big news!!! Take care of yourself these last few days and get lots and lots of rest and SLEEP! :Like lots of SLEEP because chances are you won't be getting much once shes here:)xoxo

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

It makes me want to cry reading that you are only 5 short days away from your due date, following your journey has given me strength and hope that I was worried I would never have. I am so happy that you love the headband! We loved creating it for you! I am so sorry that Steve is sick! I hope that strong medication works like it should and rids his illness fast!! there No time for being sick! Silly Steve! I am in LOVE with your canvas maternity picture! I can not wait for you and Steve to meet your baby girl! and I can't wait to find out her name and see her beauty! Over the weekend I was in TN and took a minute to relax in the sunshine, and you popped in my head! I thought Oh my! I wonder if she is in labor! :) Any day now baby girl! Everyone is ready to meet you! Sending you, Steve and baby girl so much love!! Thanks for being you! :)

Mrs. E said...

I would just like to say that you DO NOT look like a clown dinosaur LOL! Though it did make me start cackling hysterically slash almost swallow my cough drop whole when I read it...did Steve send his sickies up this way, by any chance? grrrr ;) I am so, SO excited for baby girl to come!! Seriously, every time I get a text past 9 pm I think it's you in labor. Even F is on labor watch lol! I miss you and love you all so much. Sending lots of easy delivery dust your way =)

mail4rosey said...

You do not resemble that dinosaur clown, and I vote no for adding it to the nursery, lol!

The picture your friend gave you is awesome, and so are the shoes your mom saved (aww!).

Happy you're calm. Any day now, that's so exciting. I have a wonderful child (he's not a child anymore) born on the 25th. It's a very good day (in fact, I have three March babies, so it's a very good month!). :)

Jodi Stuber said...

what a fun post, as usual :) i am sure your heart is smiling so hard waiting for that little girl to arrive. all your food pictures made me soooo hungry.. especially enchiladas. they are one of our favoritie go to mexican dishes. yum.
I will be anxiously awaiting pics of your little lady! best wishes to you and steve :)

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hello there Maria!
Beautiful pictures! Beano will soon be here! I am so excited! It is great that everything is fine with you and the baby. I am so happy for you and Steve. All the yummy food has made me so hungry! It will soon be supper time here and I would be so thrilled to have some of what you have on display!:) As always I love all the pictures but the one of you and Steve outside the nursery is so wonderful. Take good care my friend. Always remember that there is someone over here in Jamaica thinking of you all and sending lots of love, friendship and best wishes.

Whitney Cypert said...

Hahah you always make me giggle. You look nothing like that creepy mask! I laughed that you put it on there twice! That picture of you and hubby outside of the nursery is PERFECT! Ahh you look so gorgeous!! Glad to hear that everything is going so well at the doctor visits, she will be here so soon! Then you can share her beautiful name with us : ). All of the food you have been making looks delicious! Hoping to read about baby girl soon!

Kerstin@TheRealHousewivesofIdaho.blogspot.com said...

1. You look gorgeous. 2. I am so excited for you 3. Bree had that ducky dress 3. Did I mention I am SO excited for you!!!!!


tickledpinkwithrosesandpearls.com said...

Maria you look so adorable!!
I'm so happy that you got the headband and liked it! We were hoping it would arrive before baby girl!
Lots of good wishes for an easy delivery!

Pretty Purplexing said...

I always burn the first pancake!
The headband is filled with gorgeous colors. I love it!
I don't think I'd get the clown dragon… it's creepy.
I am SUPER excited that your delivery date is this close. Tell Steve to keep us all updated!!!
Love you pretty lady!

Heather said...

Ahhh!!! you are so close! So INCREDIBLY excited for you!!!

Hope Steve feels better soon!

Lots of love.

NV said...

Hi Maria! I have been following your story for a while now (silently). I had my little boy in November 2012 via IVF. I am obsessed with country music! And your blog is just fabulous! I know you are so calm about labor right now. Funny, I was the same way. It actually made for a very low-stress delivery. If you get a chance ... pop on over to my blog and read "What Motherhood is Like." I know how close you are to your mother and I bet you would really enjoy reading it. Can't wait to "meet" your little girl in a few short days :)

Susannah said...

Your little one will be here in no time!!! :-) That's so exciting!!!

Big Apple Mami said...

So excited for you Maria!! She will be here before you know it so enjoy these last few days of rest!! Cannot want to "meet" her!! Have a great weekend!! Xoxo

Lauren said...

You look amazing!! I know you might feel like that clown but you seriously DO NOT!!! lol....I love your baby bump photos. :)

Miki said...

Oh, my! We're only 2 days away from March 24th! I keep thinking about you and if your baby is being born :). Can;t wait to see you guys holding baby girl! :D

And you're crazy, you don't look anything like a clown dinosaur, hahaha!

I'm sending you all the best vibes so everything goes perfect! ;)

Also, you've been drawn winner of my giveaway. I'll give your e-mail address to Soledad so she can contact you and send you the sticker and pin.

Tight hugs!!!!

Ashley said...

ahh!! So close to your due date!! Now, that I see I am about three days behind in reading your blog I am thinking that maybe little miss has made her debut! It would be cool if she was an April Fools baby, though. That is my brother's birthday!

That scary clown porcelain mask actually reminds me of some I had when I was young. Maybe I can dig them out and send ya one? I kid.... maybe. :)

Chloe is so stinkin cute. Kendra has the same pajamas and loves them.

I adore her nursery and the maternity photo you guys had put on canvas. One regret I have is that I never made it to my maternity photo shoot either time. :(

Okay, well I should be off to bed now. Sending you guys lots of love, prayers and wishes!

uncustomary said...

Love that headband!

I'll Love You Forever said...

I know I already commented on this but am back again. Ya know, I keep coming back here every day to check on you, haha. Checking for a post or an update. I am just filled with much excitement!! So So SO happy for you guys and I am trying to wait patiently along with you for little princess! xoxo

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