Monday, August 24, 2015

It's a .......!!!

Before the gender reveal...
A very BIG
I can't say it enough.  Last week, at this exact time, I was just beginning to start pouring my heart out, and tell our story.  All of the sweet, heartfelt words that were sent our way were so beautiful.  I was so touched, and had tears in my eyes as I read each of them.  It was so therapeutic to sit and type the night (and morning) away and feel complete peace.  It was healing to relive the past months and allow myself to feel everything, and be so honest and open.  I truly thank you for all of the well wishes, compassion, and love.  I'm very, very grateful I have this outlet to let it all out and express myself.
Thank you.  All of you.  It means so much.
I don't need many words for the gender reveal.  I will just tell a quick story about the four photos below.  On the day we got the news, Steve, as I mentioned in my last post, found out the gender when the doctor called him.  He came home from work that day and surprised us girls. 
He and I had discussed how he could reveal it!   One day I sent him a text - "Since Piper is so obsessed with "surprise eggs" (surprise egg - basically any plastic, piece of crap, egg filled with any small piece of crap toy) and My Little Ponies, why don't you fill it with a blue or pink pony, and let her open it!"  He sent a text back saying he was thinking the same exact thing! 
So, that was nice and simple.
Once he got the egg filled (he also added some colored gems and candy), he called us down.  Piper and I sat in the same exact spot that Steve and I sat in, the night we opened up our card, revealing that we were having a girl (Pippy)!
I was shaking and felt extreme deja vu.  I was giddy, full of nervous laughter.
I truly had no preference on the gender, whatsoever.  With everything we had just been through, and been through in the past, it was hard to feel like I really wanted a certain gender.  As cliché as it sounds, all that mattered was that the baby was healthy.  The first week I found out I was pregnant, I was certain the baby was a boy.  But it only took a week to switch to GIRL!  Certain, I was.  Just as I was when I was sure Piper was a boy.
Anyway, I won't type much longer.
Here is Piper opening the egg.  (Our easy-to-see reveal photos are just below this one).
If you have great eyes, you'll notice the color of the pony.
I was shocked as soon as I saw that pony fall out of the tissue paper. 
Beautiful shock.
We told Piper over and over that she was going to be a big sister to a baby ___ and I screamed Steve's name and laugh-cried so hard.
(Video to come soon - it's still on Steve's phone)


A sweet baby boy!!
Tearing up as I type that.

My mom took these photos for us at the park, yesterday.
We couldn't have asked for better weather.  It was so nice to not be sweating like crazy.
Piper was great, funny, and quite the diva, requesting breaks for Reeses Pieces and sips of water.

A boy!  A boy!  A boy!

We can't wait to see Piper with her baby brother!! 

Feeling very blessed.
I'll be posting more soon.
Thank you again.
Lots and lots of love.

Baby Lovin',


Yurie said...

So so so so so soooooooooooo happy for you and Steve!!

Yurie said...

So so so so so soooooooooooo happy for you and Steve!!

Kiara Buechler said...

Wooo hooo! Have at least one of each is seriously the best!

Fifi said...

I just want to cry again! I am sooooo happy for you! ♡♡♡

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

Yay!!!!!! I knew it!!! What a true blessing!! Sending so much love 💙

Janet Off Kilter said...

A boy, a boy, a boy!! Team Blue is fantastic and I'm thrilled you'll be on our team! I love you my beautiful friend. Xoxoxoxoxo

lovejoy_31 said...

Yay!!!!! I am so very happy for you. Piper is going to be a great big sister. And that boy will be so very loved.

Heidi said...

Yesssss!!!!!! Baby boy's are the sweetest! But in a little biased. So happy for you guys!! Congratulations!

M said...

Yeah Team Blue! As soon as I heard you were pregnant again, I thought BOY....and hoped BOY! So excited for you all :)

Faith said...

So perfect!! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Yipeeee! Yipee. I couldn't be happier for y'all: Your husband, your daughter and you. Everything has come full circle. As always, I love your honest, heart-felt posts. They always bring tears. You say it like it is and you do what you say. Kim from BCN.

Jenny said...

Congratulations on your HEALTHY baby boy!

Tami said...

CONGRATS!!! A BOY! WAHOO!! I am very happy for your entire family and extremely excited for Piper to meet her baby brother!

mail4rosey said...

A boy and a girl. :) Piper is going to be an amazing big sister. A million congrats to you!! And big hugs too. :)

Kandi Ann said...

I have been away for quite a while. What a wonderful surprise to come back to!!! Hope you update again soon.

Heidi said...

Thinking about you.

mail4rosey said...

Just checking in to see how you're feeling. :) I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving holiday. :)

mail4rosey said...

I am here to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!

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