Friday, July 11, 2014

Mornin', Friday!

Good morning! 

Happy Friday!

Happy Weekend Eve!

This girl had her 15 month checkup yesterday.
Steve and I took bets on her height and weight.  
He won with height.
I won with weight.
Come to think of it, we never set prizes.  
I'll settle for some Taco Bell.  
I'm pretty sure he will too.

Piper is 25.7 pounds. (91%)
32 inches. (89%)
And her's still off the charts.
Two extra stingy needles in her left thigh barely phased her thanks to a Sesame Street music video (and her sweet layer of thigh chub).
The doctor said she's perfectly proportional and healthy.
She asked us how we'd describe her personality "besides being Piper," and laughed as Pips shot her snoots, grins and side-eyes.

"She's happy.  She's full of energy.  She's friendly.  She's impatient when it comes to food.  She's expressive."

It felt crazy to already be at her fifteen month appointment.  Weren't we just at her twelve month?!

Next week, we'll be saying we're halfway through July.
And well, that feels crazy too.

After the doctor's, we headed over to Aunt Kelly's for lunch and play time.
Piper and Dax are exactly ten months apart, and now that Pips is getting older, they can truly play together.  It's neat to watch.


We had dinner last night and

afterwards, decided to take a stroll to the playground.  I'm probably going to totally jinx it, but the weather hasn't been that bad this summer.  I mean, there have been muggy, sticky, gross days.  But in comparison to past summers, we can't complain.  (Watch, it will totally be 102 degrees every day in August!)

Anyway, all I really was trying to say was, it's nice to take a walk and not melt.

And it's nice to watch Piper happily bop her leggies up and down while we stroll.

Dee Dee surprised us with these super cute sandals.  We weren't sure how Piper was going to like her piggies separated, but she doesn't mind a bit.

After some swings, we headed to the sliding board.

Steve held onto Piper's back and feet as he slid her down!  She made this face every single time.  And when she reached me at the bottom, she'd say "Up!!" in her high pitched Pippy squeak.  "Up" also means "down" and "again" to Pips.

This was seconds before her 12th "Up!"

We walked home and let Piper get out to explore here and there.  She attempted to eat rocks, said "Beep!  Beep!" and "Hi!" to the cars, and let us kiss her cheeks 42 times.

I say it every few months, but I love this age.  It's just incredible how every day brings 829 new discoveries.  I am obsessed.   It's a healthy obsession.  (Unlike my Diet Coke one.)  

 I hear it only gets better, and I believe it. 

Seeing the world through Piper's eyes is such a gift.

And two Fridays ago, I got to see pure joy shine through this little girl all afternoon.

We took a trip to Longwood Gardens.  
The last (and first time for Piper) we visited, was when she was 11 months...GiGi and I were so excited Dee Dee and a friend could join in on the fun this time!

 We started with the fishies.  Geeg gave Pips some Cheerios.

Dee Dee fed the fish.

Piper fed herself.  (Hey, those fishies had plenty!)

A sweet group of women asked to take Piper's picture.
She threw out a few poses for them. 

I spot a giant snoot!

And a smirky snoot, too!

Piper thought the fountains were cool!

Especially, the fountains in the children's area!

I remember being here four months ago.  Piper was standing and holding onto the walls along these mini fountains.  She wasn't tall enough to reach.

But two weeks ago, she was.

The scenery and all of the bright and cheery flowers were pretty and nice to look at.

But we preferred this bright and cheery scene far more than anything else that day.


A sweet #pippvid

Eatin' her shoes and eatin' her toes.

Last stop - lunch! 
 She was a little, snootin', wavin' flirt.

 Piper says "Bye-Bye!" and wishes you all

a very happy weekend, rain or shine!

Drink it up.


Weekend Eve Lovin',


JP said...

She is just the cutest! I love the adventures you and the family take. Thanks for sharing her with us and letting us watch her smiley snooty little self grow up!

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy these pics of Piper. She is so adorable and getting so big! I know she is the light of your life. Oh...and I love your new hair cut!!

Mel @

Rian Eidson said...

I love her! She is so expressive and beautiful! Your pictures are always a highlight in my day. Xoxo

Lora said...

The video is so stinking cute! And the snoot pics..there are no words for the snoots. There isn't a cuter Snooter :)

Rebecca said...

Great post. Babies in water are the cutest! Piper gets more adorable each post. Glad you guys are having a wonderful summer!!!

mail4rosey said...

Hahaha, strangers stop to take her picture, that's a hoot!!

She's sure cute. I love the video where she starts drinking the water, ha!

Fun! Give her a happy squeeze from me.

And those snoots!! Best snoots ever. :)

Trish philly said...

awesome pictures!!!!

Anna said...

I just love Miss Piper's expressions!

I can't believe we are halfway through this year. Some scary people keep bringing up Christmas. No, not even! I'm so not ready for Christmas shopping. ;)

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