Friday, November 8, 2013

Piper's First Halloween

Hi there! 
I ran a few errands tonight.  And it's more than evident by the looks of all the decor in the stores,
 that everything October has said
GOODBYE and everything November and yes, even December, has said

 I'm not ready to say see ya later to October yet.
So, here's a big, happy Halloween-y post.

I couldn't wait to bust out all of Piper's Halloween-y (I just like saying that) attire.
Dee Dee surprised me with a few outfits while Piper was still cookin' in my belly last year.
And Deeds and I couldn't resist the unintentional Halloween-y outfits we found on sale last month.
I had no idea how much orange and black would make me crave red and green.
 I mean, Halloween is a great "holiday" and all, but it wasn't until October 31st that I realized just how much I can't wait for Christmas.
If Halloween was this cool, how awesome will December 25th be this year?!

Some pictures of the week before Halloween...

Piper sat in the front seat of the grocery cart for the first time.
Along with Loveybear, Filomena Froggy and Chloe Baby.
She loved having an up-close view of everything and everyone.
She handed out smiles and waves and was fascinated when it came time to checkout.

Piper and her boyfriend, Daxon, had a blast at breakfast.  
They played with sugar packets and spoke their secret language.
Piper woke the whole restaurant up when she squealed loud enough to break glass.
She flung blueberries, and even got to try toast.
She thought she was all that and a plate of pancakes.

The father and son sitting in front of us were adorable.  And um, I want that rainbow highchair!

Her teethies gave her a rough afternoon.  She was Miss Snugglebug for hours.

Aunt Kelly came over and played peek-a-boo and fun games with Pips.
And we all shared some pumpkin ice cream for a late-afternoon snack.

We love our Logs 'n Lace headbands!! 

Steve and I have a bad habit of stealing Pips' binkies. 

Halloween Eve

I babysat Daxon for the morning.  He and Piper had so much fun.  
Aunt Kelly asked if we should just arrange their marriage now.
It's love...

Uncle Nicholas stopped by for a visit.

Mommy had some of Daddy's holey socks laying around and decided to have some pre-Halloween fun.  Black, cut-up socks make great leather pants.

Biker Piper...

mean muggin'

Piper's 1st Halloween...

Piper started her day with a scrub a dub in the tub.
And Mommy started her day with a six month postpartum check-up and pap.
What says Halloween like a good old pap smear.  (Smear - that word gives me the heebies)
GiGi came over to watch Pips.  They played and read books and had tons of fun.
Piper took a nice, long nap for Geeg and even gave her a nice "poopy present" when she woke up.  (Sooo poopy, that we even have pictures.  Don't worry, I won't post 'em.)

We played all afternoon and after Piper's second nap, 
it was time to get ready for trick-or-treating.
I couldn't wait for Steve to get home and see his little mermaid.
I couldn't even take her cute-ness as I got her dressed.  I was hysterically laughing and hyena cackling while I snapped pictures.  Piper worked that flipper.  Steve and I could not stop cracking up at the faces and poses she was throwing out.

Miss Merpippy

Daddy came home and soon after, Dee Dee arrived with a big orange basket full of goodies.
Piper couldn't contain her excitement.

How amazing is this bib Dee Dee found?!  It's merrrr-fect!

We kept it to four stops that night...
Aunt Lorrie's, Aunt Kelly's, Aunt J's and GiGi's.
Piper stayed up way past her bedtime.  It was so worth it.

(That's a good look for you, Deeds...Piper smiled at her crazy mask!)

Aunt Lorrie surprised Piper with a happy, little toy that giggles
non-stop. Piper loves to carry it during car rides.

Aunt Kelly and Uncle Kurt had an awesome Halloween party at their house.
Piper had fun with all the babes, got a hug and smooch from Daxon and took home a sweet goody bag complete with Hello Kitty bandaids and sweet potato puffs.  Does Aunt Kelly know her or what?!

Next stop...
Aunt Jessica's.
Aunt J laid out a towel for Pippy, so the little mermaid could try out some of her "Little Yums" that Dee Dee put in her basket.

A little pippyvid...
Let's just say, mermaids love Little Yums.

Oh, that Aunt J...she always has a special treat for Pippy...

Piper loves tissue paper.

Mommy's face matched Piper's...
Inside Pippy's treat bag was an absolutely beautiful coat with pretty floral embroidery by Aunt Jessica.

I think I looked at it about 100 more times when we got home.

We ended the visit with a few pictures, hugs and kisses.

I love that Aunt J and I are holding up Pips' little "merboobie"...
by the end of the night, her top kinda gave up.

Last stop of the night...GiGi's.
Oh, the fun we had.  There was a dancing Creepy Mr. Nutracker...just like the one at Dee Dee's.  A singing iguana (that Piper was fascinated with).
Lots of candy, mini bottles of pinot grigio, a giant goody bag for Merpippy and tons of laughter.


Yep, I'd say it was a very happy Halloween.  Merpippy had so much fun, she lost her flipper.

Happy November.

Happy weekend.

Halloween-y Lovin',


Jen said...

Precious! And now I have added reading your Piper Christmas posts to the list of things I can't wait for in December : )

Rian Eidson said...

Love it!!! Her outfit is seriously the best one I've ever seen!!! So cute!

Lacey said...

Oh my gosh... Cutest mermaid ever! Love that costume!

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hello there Maria,
I am so glad you all had such a fabulous Halloween and of course Piper made it extra special this year. I just love her mermaid outfit! All the pictures and videos are absolutely wonderful! I am so happy for all the good times that you, Steve and Piper have been experiencing. I hope you, Steve and Piper have been enjoying the weekend and wish you all a great week ahead. Lots of Love, Friendship and Best wishes always.

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

So gosh darn cute!!!

E and R said...

Oh my goodness! Just too cute!!

JP said...

Merpippy! That girl is adorable!! You crack me up - all that and a plate of pancakes! You come up with some good stuff. Looks like a super fun evening (month?), and the next two months will be so amazing with your sweet family! Have a great week!

Wendy said...! You and Steve have the cutest mermaid EVER! Piper is absolutely adorable! I love all of these sweet pictures! Have a great week, sweet lady!

Mrs. E said...

Hiiiii Halloween-y Piper! You are so, so adorable, and what a lucky girl to have so many outfits! You are the cutest mermaid ever :) Love you and miss you! Tell your mama and dada that we all say hi! Xo

Janet Sainsbury said...

Love, love seeing all of your amazing pictures! Happy 1st Halloween Pips! xoxo

Faith said...

i'm freaking dying with all the adorableness in this post! that mermaid costume is the cutest costume i've ever seen.

Miss Piper is one beautiful little girl!

looks like a great way to celebrate Halloween ... i can't even imagine how your Christmas is going to look :)

Tracy said...

That mermaid costume is awesome! I hope you have a great week!

MrsV said...

Every time I finish reading your posts I end up forgetting what I am going to say lol too much cuteness I get distracted! I love the mermaid costume it had cracking up on IG when I saw it :D
I can't wait to see all of Piper's Christmas outfits i ;) We did overload of holiday theme wear M's first year too. His halloween outfits were lacking this year but Christmas is stockpiled for him and his sibling :)
Sending love you way <3 oxo

Anna said...

What a precious little mermaid!
Such cute little outfits too. It looks like Piper had a wonderful 1st Halloween! :)

Heather @ Notes from the Nelsens said...

Oh my goodness!!! Thoes shoes, the smiles, the wave from her carrier, the bandana, Dee Dee's face paint, Piper's Halloween outfit and costume- this post just made my morning! What fun memories, Maria!! You guys are doing it right... making the most of each new stage with your sweet little love. :) Hope you and Steve have a sweet weekend!


Brittany said...

Oh my goodness. I am SO OBSESSED with her costume!!! Cutest mermaid I've ever seen!!!! She is such a doll baby. And she really posed for the pictures, too! These are absolutely precious...she'll love looking back on these someday and will get such a giggle over them. Love all the festive things y'all did...she is one loved little girl! Each and every outfit she wears is adorable; you have a little doll to dress up every day!

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